Weekend Adventures / Weekly Fitness Update

Yikes, this past week flew by & then I had a busy weekend… sorry for neglecting you blog!
But I have lots to tell you now to make up for lost time! :)

image (6).jpg

This weekend, I got to see the musical “Wicked” for the first time! Oh my goodness, it was SO good.

I spent my weekend spending time with Mike & my mom (while avoiding the blizzards) – not only going to Wicked, but also having delicious breakfasts, Christmas shopping, and baking cookies (recipe to come soon!).

image (3)

Bananas Foster Crepes at The Place To Be in Lakewood, OH.

A super amazing surprise came in my mail this weekend too…


image (1)


It’s hard to tell, but these are “Painted Edge” business cards – so around the edges they are gold! :)

These beauties are courtesy of JakPrints (a Cleveland-based printing company) – I won a contest they had and they helped me make these! They have so many different services & products they can create for you, go check them out!

ANDDDDD… I’m the Tweeter of the Week for @InTheCLE – so please go follow them on Twitter & check out my tweets this week!


Now for the fitness part of this post :) I know I’ve been slacking and this seems to be a pattern that I keep falling into. I’m powering through this slump though and even though I sound like a broken record, I am determined. The holidays are going to be tough (Grandma’s cooking, who can say no?), and I know I won’t be perfect, but if I watch my portion sizes & exercise more, it won’t be detrimental to my progress (or lack thereof). I would love to have some actual progress before going to South Carolina for the holidays. It’d probably give me more motivation to keep on track.

So here we go again! I tried the fitness center at work today for the first time, and I have to say that it is pretty freakin’ awesome. There was hardly any people there at the time I went, it’s SUPER convenient, and it’s free! I love not having to leave the building and when I get home, my workout is already complete. I know I’ll be utilizing this ALL THE TIME.

So tonight, I did 40 minutes of cardio. 20 on the treadmill (1.1 miles) and 20 on the stationary bike (3.3 miles).

Fast-paced walk with a sprint of jogging. I need to work on my endurance again…

I’ll continue doing these weekly fitness updates, hopefully in a more structured fashion. I decided I’m going to keep a physical “fitness journal” as well as doing these blog posts, too. I want to hold myself accountable, plus I like having something physically with me as a little reminder. Also, I’m going to use it to track my weight loss progress and inches lost, etc. Here it is:

Some glitter letters & washi tape should do the trick! {Of course I had to add anchors ;) haha )

Just a 2014 planner (from the Sugar Paper collection at Target!)
Some glitter letters & washi tape should do the trick!
{Of course I had to add anchors ;) haha)

I was kind of inspired by Rachael’s post about organizing her life – I use notebooks and lists and planners for everything else in my life, why don’t I have a fitness one too? I think it’ll work out well.

The calendar view is good for tracking miles and pounds at a glance.

The calendar view is good for tracking miles and pounds at a glance.

The week view for more detailed tracking.On the left, I can track my workouts each day (i.e. minutes and miles on specific machines, etc).On the right, I can track my weight/inches, or maybe even my food!

The week view for more detailed tracking.
On the left, I can track my workouts each day (i.e. minutes and miles on specific machines, etc).
On the right, I can track my weight/inches, or maybe even my food!

So, since it doesn’t start until January, I’m just using a blank page from another notebook for the rest of 2013. I hope I can look back at the end of next year and feel so accomplished (and at least 20 pounds lighter!).

Speaking of notebooks… I also decided to start using one for my blog designs (for organization/keeping track of clients & projects). In case you hadn’t seen the tweets/posts about it, I’m offering graphic design services for bloggers! Not full themes or anything, but extras to go w/ your blog or if you use a free theme, they can basically make your design for you. Specifically: blog headers, sidebars, categories, social buttons, blog buttons… basically anything you see on my blog I’ve created & now I want to create them for you! Check out my Blog Design page for more information :) And tell your friends! hehe ;) I’m just getting started so I think I’ve set my prices at a fair rate for a newbie.



I’m excited to announce that I already have my first client, my friend Lyndsay! Check out her blog at getfitwithlynds.com :) Her blog will be looking EXTRA pretty here real soon.

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures / Weekly Fitness Update

  1. Awh thank you so much for the shoutout Jess!! I am soo excited to be working with you on this!! :) also, for your holiday fitness- to get you through the holidays without gaining weight, have a shake in the morning. It’ll stabilize your blood sugar and guarantee that at least one of your meals is small! Do two if you can in place of meals (plus one lean meal and snacks). We can chat more about this privately if you’d like!! Thanks again! :)

  2. Congrats on being the @InTheCLE Tweeter of the week – have fun!!

    Also, way to go in using the fitness center at work – we have a new one in my building and I try to make time during lunch to use it, especially if I haven’t used the gym in in my apt. building in the morning. It helps to keep an extra pair of workout clothes in my office so that I really never have an excuse not to go. I love the idea of keeping a notebook to track your fitness! I have a spreadsheet on my desktop I use to track miles run – but I love paper and notebooks, and the freedom I’d have to track more than just miles. Great idea :)

    • Thank you Melissa! I’m loving tweeting for @InTheCLE!

      That’s so funny that we found out that we work in the same building – I love the fitness center here! The one in my apartment building is pretty good too, but not as updated or new.

  3. I am in need of some new hawt and fresh designs. I need something that represents my life at the beach, being a seashell painter and of course my love of boats <3 Where did you go to design school? I need some help with illustrator & photoshop to make some cute banners! I love your design work! My friend might want a cool "about me" header too. Do you have a design portfolio we can look at? :)

    • Hi Karen! Thank you :) I didn’t actually go to design school, I took some classes in high school & college though and self-taught the rest. I’d love to work with you! I don’t have a design portfolio right now as I just started offering these services, but I did design all the elements on my blog so you could take a look at those. You can e-mail me for more information, too. Thanks for stopping by!

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